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Save Money by Avoiding Large Emergency Repair Bills

Enrolling your HVAC equipment in a Great West Refrigeration Ltd. Preventative Maintenance Plan is a smart move for the following reasons:

  • Performed by specialized technician
  • When equipment runs at peak efficiency, it reduces your operational costs.
  • Major repair costs can be eliminated when minor repairs are regularly addressed.
  • Equipment kept in peak condition increases its longevity.
  • The frequency and cost of needed services calls is reduced.
  • Uninterrupted long-term environmental comfort is virtually assured.
  • The chance of nuisance and unexpected breakdowns is greatly reduced.
  • Steadily running equipment increases your company’s profits.
  • We guarantee you will receive priority service when repairs are needed.
technician working on cooling unit

Sudden major equipment breakdowns can cost thousands of dollars to repair. If it’s been quite some time since you’ve had your unit(s) repaired or inspected, we strongly encourage you to establish one of our preventative maintenance plans. These programs not only extend the life of your equipment, their proven procedures also drastically reduce high repair costs.

Our plans consist of a thorough check and cleaning of your cooling, ventilation, heating, refrigeration and mechanical systems. They are an affordable alternative to major repair bills, and will bring you peace of mind without breaking the bank.

At Great West Refrigeration Ltd., your total satisfaction and continued comfort are our highest priorities. Our goal is to consistently deliver the highest quality service in the industry, and these maintenance plans are a big part of that commitment. Come join our already long list of satisfied clients and experience our standards of excellence for yourself.

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